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Hi, I am looking for an easy way to filter requests by Account ID. I tried to consume this endpoint api/json/getRequestsByView/. According to the API. I'm a fan of the former, and I'd like all of ManageEngine products to stick to that XML layout. Once you've got that working, you can send a GET method to the. but what if i have more than rows of records. how can I make sure that I'm getting all the data? 2. CONNECT USING TIGHTVNC VIEWER FREE Связала по подошве пакетов на 20 лвнешной изнаночной. соединила плотных вязании. соединила плотных пакетов.

Parameters to be passed via the body of POST Request Apart from the parameters passed in the Query string, additional information needed for specific actions such as values of row in a Add Row operation etc. In such cases, you may follow the below steps to identify an error condition and to handle the same: Check the http response code. In case of error, the error information would be sent in the response body.

AddRow url , columnvalues if err! Println err. ErrorMessage fmt. ErrorCode fmt. Action fmt. AddRow obj. This parameter allows the Analytics Plus to handle applications based on the older versions. DeleteData url , params if err! DeleteData obj. If criteria is sent the rows matching the criteria alone are deleted. UpdateData url , params if err! If criteria is sent the rows matching the criteria alone are updated. For more details about the format for the criteria view this link.

ImportData url , file , importtype , autoidentity , onerror , params if err! Println resp. ImportErrors fmt. ColumnDetails fmt. ImportType fmt. Warnings fmt. SelectedColumnCount fmt. SuccessRowCount fmt. ImportOperation fmt. TotalColumnCount fmt. Format of the file to be imported.

Default is false. In case it is true, then the table is created if the table referred in the URL doesn't exist in the specified workspace. In case its false, no table is created even if the table refered in the URL does not exist in the workspace. Name, employee. The existing rows in the table that match will be updated with values from data imported. The remaining rows are appended to the table as new rows. This parameter controls the action to be taken in case there is a thousand separator in the data.

This parameter controls the action to be taken in case there is a decimal separator in the data. Specify this incase any date field is being imported and its format cannot be auto recognized by Analytics Plus. Default value is false. This parameter is applicable only for importing JSON files. This defines how the columns names are to be constructed from the JSON file. If set to true, then the final key attribute alone will be considered as column name.

If set to false, then the column name will be constructed by appending all the parent attributes separated by dot. This will result in column names which captures the full JSON tree hierarchy eg. If the character mentioned is found at the beginning of the row, the csv row will be skipped. ExportData url , filename , outputformat , params if err! If criteria is sent the rows matching the criteria alone are exported.

For more details about the format for the criteria refer this link. Note :Shared users are not allowed to use this parameter. By default it will be false. All the parameters that all defined below are optional one. Can be decimal between 0 to 1 like 0. Define the callback function. Unencoded value is provided below. The above expression subracts the value in the "Cost" column from value in the "Sales" column.

Note: All supported in-built function from different workspace will be documented soon. Also use Braces ' ' to group the criteria for ordering. Enclose string literals ie values in single quotes. Enclose column names in double quotes. CopyDatabase url , newdbname , dbkey , params if err! CopyDatabase obj.

DeleteDatabase url , dbname if err! DeleteDatabase obj. CreateTable url , tableconfig if err! AddColumn url , columnname , datatype if err! AddColumn obj. Note: The column name should be url encoded if the column name contain space or any special characters. DeleteColumn url , columnname if err! DeleteColumn obj. RenameColumn url , oldcolumnname , newcolumnname if err! RenameColumn obj. HideColumn url , columnnames , params if err!

Note:More than one param is allowed. ShowColumn url , columnnames , params if err! AutoGenReports url , source , params if err! False - It will throw error message if reports generated before. SaveAsViews url , viewtocopy , newviewname , params if err! WriteLine kvp. CreateSimilarViews url , refview , foldername , customformula , aggformula , params if err!

False - Custom formulas are not handled in new views. False - Aggregate formulas are not handled in new views. DeleteView url , viewname , params if err! RenameView url , viewname , newname , newdesc if err! CopyReports url , viewnames , destdbname , dbkey if err! In case of more than one views, the view names should be separated by comma ,. CopyFormula url , formulaname , destdbname , dbkey if err! In case more than one formulas are to be copied, the formula names should be separated by comma ,.

AddLookup url , columnname , refertable , refercolumn , onerror if err! RemoveLookup url , columnname if err! Provide an alternate name. Provide a valid view name. Check the view name in the request URL and provide a valid name. Check if the mentioned folder is available. The column with dependent views cannot be deleted. Please delete the dependent views and formula columns associated with this column before calling this delete column API.

Kindly contact our support team. Check the workspace key provided in the url. Send the parameter with valid data. Check and remove that extra parameter mentioned in the response. Provide the valid data to the mentioned parameter. Provide valid JSON data. Try renaming the source report or the report in destination workspace and invoke the API again.

GetDatabaseMetadata url , metadata if err! HashMap ; import java. Map ; import org. Document ; import com. MyWorkspaceList uri , null ; Console. MyWorkspaceList url , null if err! SharedWorkspaceList uri , null ; Console. SharedWorkspaceList url , null if err! FolderList uri , null ; Console. FolderList url , null if err! ViewList uri , null ; Console. If the key is invalid key is expired or the technician login is disabled , then the operation fails and an error is propagated to the integrated application.

A unique key is generated for a technician with login permission in ServiceDesk Plus application. If you want to generate the API key to the existing technician, then click the edit icon beside the technician. If you want to generate the API key to a new technician, click Add New Technician link, enter the technician details and provide login permission.

Click Generate link under the API key details block. You can select a time frame for the key to expire using the calendar icon or simply retain the same key perpetually. Dim oWeb As New System. UploadValues fullUrl, Params. Was your question answered here?

Check the other FAQ modules or you can contact our support team at servicedeskplus-support manageengine. API management. Can the XML Response output be edited?

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