Electronics workbenches

electronics workbenches

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Workbenches are available in 48 in. D, 60 in. D and 72 in. D sizes. Features include non-glare white top, leveling glides, 14 ga. Distributor of electronics workbenches. Electronic workbenches with panel legs and electronic workbenches with modular cabinets are available.

Manufacturer of workbenches for electronics industry applications. Types of workbenches include electrical, vibration-free, downdraft and laminar flow benches. Workbenches are use as cleanroom workstations and meet ISO cleanness standards. Workbenches are available in custom specification and sizes.

Woman-owned manufacturer of steel assembly workbenches for electronic applications. Workbench specifications include 2 in. Benches are available in standard sizes ranging from 48 in. W to 72 in. Benches are available with a limited lifetime warranty. Manufacturer of ergonomic electronic workbenches for computer LAN and server rooms. Available with 30 in. Features vary depending upon models such as rack-mount brackets, retractable keyboard arms and trays, flipper cabinets, and wooden shelves.

Provides assembly and shipping services. Hot food benches for food service industries. Thomas Verified Factory Tour 2. Company Overview 2. Manufacturer Custom Manufacturer Distributor Service Company 4. Manufacturers' Rep 1. Turnkey Systems Integrator 3. Made in the USA 3. ISO Not Specified 1.

ISO 1. ISO 3. NQS 1. Minority Ownership 5. Asian-Pacific American 1. Hispanic American 3. Minority Owned Not Specified 1. Veteran Owned 6. Veteran-Owned 5. Woman Owned 8. Woman Owned Not Specified 8. C-TPAT 1. Drug-Free Workplace Program 1. GSA Approved 3. Product Catalogs 5. Any 5. Alabama 1.

Alaska 1. Arizona 2. California - North 6. California - South Colorado 1. Delaware 2. Florida 3. Georgia 7. Illinois 5. Indiana 7. Iowa 1. Kentucky 2. Louisiana 1. Maryland 1. Massachusetts - East 6. Michigan 5.

Minnesota 4. Missouri 3. Montana 1. Nevada 2. New Hampshire 1. New Jersey - North 3. New Jersey - South 1. New York - Metro 3. New York - Upstate 3. Here's his take on an equipment list: Equipment Needle nose, pliers, and wire cutters Flush cutters Tweezers - Also get plastic ones if you're doing chemical PCB etching.

Dental picks - Very nice for scraping, poking, prodding, etc, while soldering. I wasted too much of my life dealing with these before realizing how much better real wire strippers are. Hot glue gun - Super useful for assembling prototype cases, insulating stuff, etc. Just don't put it on anything that dissipates power like a linear regulator. Blue tape - For crudely insulating joints, holding things together, and being a marking surface for hole positions on black plastic.

Screwdriver Breadboards - I would buy a few columns more than what you think you need, because running out of space half way through a project sucks. I have 5 single column boards, a two column board, and a 4 column board, which is a little excessive, but I got good deals on them from friends not wanting them after our college electronics classes, and it's nice being able to have a few different prototyped projects sitting around at once.

Breadboard wires - These are reusable, but at some point you do need to start culling the used ones and replenish the kit. Clip leads Coin envelopes - These are surprisingly useful for storing different values of resistors, or diodes,or anything else tiny.

Altoid tins - I love these tins for basic project boxes, as well as storing bulkier components such as transistors and crystals. These undo those inevitable mistakes. Also make sure you have a spare fuse in stock for this. You will only ever blow your amp meter fuse when you're using it. Test leads - Volt meters do come with a set of test probes, but it's worth investing in a seperate kit that has all the interchangeable points microclip, spades, alligator clips, etc Power supply - I managed to find a nice power supply where someone mounted an ATA computer supply in a box with screw lugs for 3.

You can go for a fancy variable supply, but I didn't. At the very least you'll want a nice breadboard power supply and a 9V wall wart. Banana plug test leads to alligator or mini-clip - I use these to connect projects to my power supply more than anything else, but they also plug into the posts on the top of all mounted breadboards, so they have all kinds of uses.

Soldering Iron - I own the last generation Hakko , but it's safe to assume the more recent model is just as good. Being able to turn the iron down to C and not worry about destroying PCBs makes soldering a lot easier. Tip cleaner Fine gauge solder - I use. I also have some 0. Helping third hand - When you're soldering, these are priceless.

Calipers - I use these more for my mechanical engineering projects, but is still useful for measuring clearances and pitch. Oscilloscope - The holy grail of the hobbyist shop. Consumer scopes have finally gotten to the point where they're reasonably priced and GOOD. A lot of companies have started coming out with toy USB or iPhone oscilloscopes, and I'll just remind you that they really are just toys. Remember that the scope isn't going to do you much good without probes, so do some research and pick out the specific probes and cables you want to use with your scope, and expect to spend some money on these as well, because a good scope with bad cables is going to waste your time.

Any analog work will require a much larger variety of cap values, so again, if there is any interest, feel free to buy a complete kit. Most applications will require less than V reverse-voltage, but it's easier to just stock one diode that can handle everything, than to try and save a few cents by using 1N in one project, 1N in another, etc etc.

Quartz crystals: 32k, 16MHz - These are for precise clock sources for time-critical projects like clocks or high-speed serial communication.

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