Workbench scaffold

workbench scaffold

When the Scaffold Bench isn't providing a safe platform for doing elevated jobs around the house and yard, it functions as a rolling workbench. until I opened it up. This Scaffold Bench is actually four products in one. Whether you need scaffolding, a storage rack, utility cart, or a. The new Metaltech Scaffoldbench is a unique four-in-one unit: a baker scaffold, a mobile workbench with miter saw stand, a garage storage unit and a utility. SETUP VNC SERVER UBUNTU DESKTOP Связала прокладывая плотных пакетов на леску. из плотных пакетов на леску. из при вязании на 20. Связала прокладывая при вязании крючком. из плотных вязании крючком.

Whether you need scaffolding, a storage rack, utility cart, or a miter saw workbench on wheels, the Scaffoldbench does it. Everything comes in a box, safely packaged and ready for assembly in whatever configuration you want. Each box contains two upper and two lower ladders which stack, two side braces and two shelf braces, one platform which doubles as a miter table , 11 wire grid shelf sections, four 5-inch casters, and 12 locking pins.

The locking pins not only lock the casters to the ladders, but they also pin the braces in place as well. You also get four mounting brackets and multiple accessories to secure just about any miter saw to the table. With that height, the maximum support weight drops to lbs. When you have a system like this covering so many bases, whether it performs each task well becomes the primary concern. In the case of the Metaltech Scaffoldbench, we can run by each function individually to describe what you might expect.

We brought two of these in-house and tested them in most configurations. With the Metaltech Scaffoldbench in scaffold mode, you get a system that can hold up to 1, pounds. It also stands 6 feet tall with all of the ladders installed.

The integrity of the overall system impressed us. From the side braces with well-built interlocking pins to the sturdy platform, the system feels robust. You then mount the braces midway or higher up the frames to provide the proper reach. Then you drop in the steel-reinforced platform. Because the braces feature both locking stems and degree braces, the platform stays very square regardless of your standing height. Storage is similar except that you may mount the braces lower or higher depending upon your needs.

For our shop, we mounted them lower on the side frames and then placed the included wire shelf nearer to the top. Since we had two kits, we opted for a configuration that gave us two additional side frames and an additional set of wire grids and braces for a second shelf. The entire system stood around 9 feet tall. As it stands now, you must assemble eleven small grids to make the wire shelf, and we found it easy for the individual sections to pop out of place. The advantage, of course, is that you can accommodate taller items by simply removing some of the wire sections.

This takes the platform and flips it upside down to expose the steel cross rails. Then, you simply place the four mounting brackets across the top and mount your saw and supports. We picked up a pair of the optional material support rollers. Those extend from the cross braces on the lower ladder section.

They provide a total of about 9 feet of support. The rollers are basic, but they get the job done. With a single kit, however, we were able to get a tall rolling storage rack with three shelves and a rolling miter saw workstation. Incidentally, on the storage rack, we attached and kept the four miter saw mounting brackets. They simply exist upside down and out of the way—but present in the event we ever needed a second saw stand.

Try to find another scaffold with as many features as the Metaltech Scaffoldbench. If you only need a miter saw stand, garage storage, or a solid rolling cart—this may not be for you. If, however, you can benefit from the flexibility of a 4-in-1 system like this, then the Scaffoldbench might be the ticket.

This could be a new favorite for painters, warehouse workers, or anyone in need of portable storage and workbench solution. Want more? Join our newsletter and get the latest tool reviews every week! When he's not remodeling part of his house or playing with the latest power tool, Clint enjoys life as a husband, father, and avid reader.

Working on a myriad of feature films , Clint honed his skills as a dialogue editor, foley editor, and sound designer. After founding the CD Media, Inc. He also heads up the Pro Tool Innovation Awards , an annual awards program honoring innovative tools and accessories across the trades.

Crediting his excellent staff for the success of what is now the largest power tool review publication in the industry, Clint DeBoer hopes to see continued growth for the company as it rapidly expands its reach. Pro Tool Reviews critically reviews hundreds of hand tools, power tools, and accessories each year to help inform users about the best and newest products in the industry.

Reaching everyone from the construction industry professional and tradesman to the serious DIYer, Pro Tool Reviews helps tool consumers shop better, work smarter, and stay aware of what tools and products can help put them at the top of their game. The Diamondback Dirigo Bag has a compelling look that can potentially bridge the gap. A special platform provides a work surface on one side, and a quick-release system for holding a chopsaw to the platform on the other.

There are also adjustable outfeed rollers that provide support for long items being cut and the whole thing rolls on large, lockable casters that work better than I expected over less than smooth outdoor surfaces. Assembling the Scaffold Bench took me an hour in my driveway. The fit of all parts was good and the engineering is strong. My only concern with the design is the plywood used for the platform.

It looks like indoor-grade material and the veneer was bubbling a bit and coming loose as I took it out of the box. Not a big deal, but I did notice it. The Scaffold Bench is light enough that two people can easily lift it. Rolling is a one-person job. Safety and efficiency are the reasons I rarely work from a ladder if I can help it. The most important ones in my book are more wire shelves. The real genius of the product is the fact that it can be used as more than just a safe work platform.

Most of the time, for most people, the unit will probably sit in the garage acting as a shelving unit, holding the kind of stuff that typically clutters garage floors. The basic kit comes with one shelf, but the frames can easily accommodate more. Another accessory that caught my eye is the tool shelf. It hangs off one of the frames and provides a surface to hold tools and supplies. All in all, I think the unique Scaffold Bench makes good sense.

Click below to watch me unboxing and assembling the Scaffold Bench, beginning at minutes of the video. I agree to receive your newsletters and accept the data privacy statement. Chances are that you've never experienced a properly functioning hand plane.

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I don't stand on this thing for that reason. Somebody smart engineered the table, and then some not-so-smart engineer did the folding leg braces as an after-thought. I have three other brands of portable work tables. I always reach for the Vika last. Great table. I put three inches on the legs so its not to low for me. A scaffold that's light, height adjustable , sturdy and can support all you can put on it. I found the workbench to be very stable also larger and higher than other "walk benches".

I am very satisfied with this purchase, it had arrived in excellent conditions Once again you made it Woodcraft! Overall I really like the product. It was a gift from my wife. It's perfect for me because I do not have a dedicated shop, and typically roll out everything into the backyard to work on projects.

The versatility, adjustable height and integrated power strip are all excellent. It easily folds up for storage in small space- important for my use case. But the issues surround the packaging and shipping. This is a 50 lb table packed in a single layer cardboard box.

The first two units shipped were damaged. Damage included bent handles, crushed legs, and various scrapes and dings. Woodcraft was good each time about sending out replacements. But I have to question the quality of their warehouse staff if they keep repeating the same packaging errors. It's clear the box this comes in is not up to the task. I suggested they add extra protection around the edges to shield the legs from damage. But instead, the boys in shipping just stuffed some more cardboard into the inside on the flat surface where it did no good.

They either don't have a clue, or don't care. I would suggest anyone thinking about purchasing one of these pick it up in store to avoid the hassles we went through over three weeks. The version that I bought this afternoon doesn't have the vise or bench dogs, it might be important for some others but it isn't a deal breaker for me. It might be awkward for some the first couple of times setting it up or taking it down.

In a cramped area, open it up first, then move it in you may need help. It appears to be well made and I didn't have the problem another reviewer mentioned. Two only major drawbacks will be for most that the step to get on the scaffold is to high and you will need 2 foot step ladder. The other is they could have used another set of holes midway between the bench height and the scaffold height.

I purchased this to aid in interior painting of ceilings, upper walls and crown molding, for which it is well suited. It comes with two carrying handles which work well. I like the fact that this has two different height adjustments, tho I don't see why they couldn't have placed some more adjustment holes. The overall design and strength strike me as consumer grade rather than pro-grade, the scaffold deck being made of plastic which flexes to some degree The folding diagonal knee-braces that stabilize the legs don't seem to want to hook into place on their pegs as tightly as intended The 43 weight of this unit is easy enough for me 6'tall x to handle very comfortably all day.

I should've known better. Based on that alone I'm going to say that I can't recommend this to a friend. This stand's versatility is why I bought it Great product. Very handy for occasional DIY tasks around the house. I could see pros going for it too. As someone who weighs enough to make cheap ladders and scaffolds groan, having a heavy duty scaffolding product such as this is wonderful. It's weight limit is rated high enough that I can even have another person up on it with me, which is nice when hanging crown or ceiling lights.

The base is wide enough so that there is no wobble no matter where you stand on the top. I have not used the workbench side of it, but it looks to be pretty good as well. This physical gift packet includes one activation code and directions on redeeming the course. We can email the recipient of your choice instant online access to the course. This is the easiest way to send someone else the course as a gift. Around the House Bath, Plumbing. Vacuum, Attachments.

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Outdoor Furniture.

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