Fortinet website rating

fortinet website rating

Web rating override ; Go to Security Profiles > Web Rating Overrides. Click Custom Categories, then click Create New. ; Go to Security Profiles > Web Rating. Fortinet. Support Live URL Rating Support. URL: Verify: captcha! Fortinet | Fortiguard | Web Filtering | WF Forum. This article explains how to override the FortiGuard web filtering. Change the rating for a web site and control access to the site without. LATEST VERSION OF COMODO TIME MACHINE 15-19. 15-19. Потом прокладывая плотных детали.

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The second approach is to assign the website to a custom category that is not blocked because the website belongs to a client and staff need to access that website. Another example from the reverse perspective is a school decides that a website specializing in selling books online should not be accessible because it sells books with violent subject matter.

Fortinet categorizes this website, example2. In this example, the school can reassign this website to the category Adult Material which is a blocked category. The custom category appears in Web Filter under Local Categories where you can change the Action for that category.

You can override a URL to another category or to a custom category. This example shows overriding www. Web rating override Web rating override requires a FortiGuard license. You can assign a website to a built-in category or a custom category. Create a local custom category You can create a custom or local category and assign a URL to it.

Set the action for the Seriously category in the Local Categories group to Monitor. Setting the custom category action to Allow is equivalent to setting the CLI action variable to monitor and log variable to disable. Custom local categories have an ID range of to Remote categories have an ID range of to When a filter is added for the local and remote categories and in this example , the default action is monitor with logging enabled.

Web rating override Web rating overrides allow you to add specific URLs to both FortiGuard and custom web ratings categories. Web rating override requires a FortiGuard license. Web filter profiles In this example, www. Click Custom Categories , then click Create New. Enter a name for the category, and ensure the Status is set to Enable. Click OK. Enter the URL to override. Optionally, click Lookup rating to see what its current rating is, if it has one. Enter a name for the threat feed, such as OnAworkComputer.

Enter the URI of external resource. Configure the remaining settings as needed, then click OK.

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