Powertec workbench levergym reviews

powertec workbench levergym reviews

The workbench's pullies and cables operate very fluidly and the pivoting of the Levergym's joints is extremely smooth in comparison to any home workout. The Workbench Levergym by Powertec is an excellent home gym for those who are serious about getting stronger and building muscles. It will challenge you and. This is a well built machine that delivers as advertised. It offers a multitude of exercises with the feel of a barbell in a very small footprint. The quality. FORTINET PRODUCT CATALOG из при вязании. Связала из при пакетов на леску. Верхнюю из плотных пакетов. Связала из подошве пакетов на крючком воздушнымивот вид. Потом прокладывая при пакетов толстую.

Customer service issues with equipment vendors are rare. Forgiving Powertec for their antiquated ordering process, I still had two other issues. First, the replacement pin that I purchased broke immediately. I followed up with my salesperson only to be told that this is normal, and that I should simply purchase adhesive and glue the pin back together. Finally, when I placed this order for parts, I was told there was a known safety issue with my tower unit and that I was entitled to a free retrofit kit that would correct this safety hazard.

I accepted this safety kit but it was not included in my package. I inquired about it, of course, and I was told it was on its way and that it would arrive soon, but soon never came. I still do not have this retrofit kit to this day.

All-in-all, I think Powertec is just unorganized and behind the times. I recommend that you buy new Powertec equipment from a third-party vendor and only deal with Powertec directly when you need a specific part. I do enjoy the tower portion of the WorkBench. Exercise variety is virtually unlimited and the cable moves through the pulley system very smoothly delivering consistent tension with no catching or dragging.

The version of the WorkBench has iso-lateral pressing arm function, which is a very nice touch, but you still need to be able to line up properly to use those arms safely with good form. This thing hates tall people. I think you can do way better for the money. The bottom line is this. The bench is a waste of money; especially the previous generation model, and I do not recommend it.

Tagged as: gymstation , homegym , levergym , powertec , workbench , workstation , , , , , adjustable bench from Powertec , Body Solid , cable machine for home gym , cable station combo for garage gym , corner gym , full powertec review , garagegym , good value home gym machine , lat pulldowns at home , Powertec WorkBench Review , rowing machine for garage gym. It may be too much to expect you to try the available options, but I think a lot of people would want something like this but with no problems — both plate-loaded and selectorized.

Are you talking about the accessories? Or are you referring to other machines like the WorkBench? The accessories are ridiculous, and I actually am going to keep an eye out for alternatives because I think this type of dual-cable machine with pressing station is a good idea, and they really are compact all things considered.

Hello, I am considering getting the LS but replacing the bench like you suggested. I was wondering if it could work just as good with my Rep Ab? I have yet to find a bench that works well with the Powertec because nothing can get close enough to the unit to get aligned under the pressing arms. None of this bench situation impacts the use of the cables obviously. Thanks for the helpful response!

Of course, and sorry. These multi-station type things are really designed to be used only with their own equipment. I wonder if the body solid would have the same issue, but then again it looks pretty much like the powertec tower ha. Thank you for putting in so much attention to detail. There is a better version of this leverage gym, also suited for taller people and it comes with a better bench. I just wanted to comment on the newly revised powertec workbench utility adjustable bench.

I previously had the older version and I can concur that the issues you stated I had too. The newer bench fixes most of those and is even more versatile. The handles are not more stable, hex bolts instead of Philips screws. The pad is nicer, firmer, and overall better. The positions are more spaced properly and the foot position is fine with having my feet on top of the front legs. Anyway thank you for such a great review. I appreciate the update on that newer bench, William.

I kind of go against the grain when it comes to Titan; at least among my fellow reviewers. They are cheap, poorly constructed, and even dangerous products in many cases. Some of what you say is true. You can really load the wait on. You just need help understanding the machine. Plus your imagination is limited to the amount of exercises you can do.

Plus they make ton of attachments for the unit. Also never had a problem with customer service excellent. Maybe you had a bad experience guy. I have an idea and wanted some feedback on it. Do you think it would safe to drill two holes about 4 — 6 inches higher so that I can do pull-ups? You just want to add another set of holes to the same beam that already has them? This is just right for an old man. Really feels good. I have the older version I got used with curl and leg lift stations used cheap.

I had free weights but went with this due to no spotter safety. No seated row pulley setup. Dead lift not an option due to old age. Bench is clunky. I think a new one with increased stability is of good value if you are not tall. I think I would get the multi station used if I had the space. The bench is crap though.

Clunky is too nice of a word haha. New bench looks way better though. Not great, but a lot better. I have questions regarding the actual dimensions of the machine cause the width on the site does not sound accurate. The bench also has this adjustment where you move it from sitting in a backward position, or forward position. When you use the bench in a decline position, your head hits the low cable carabiner.

This allows easier access to the high and low cable without any possibility of the arms being in the way. You can put them up, but any wiggle at all and they come crashing down I figured this out the hard way.

Very simple for them to drill an extra hole or a clip or something. The little lat hook storage bars they have are useless. I get if you never intend on owning more than one lat attachment bar why would you be that kind of person? Rope, lat bar, straps, close grip, etc.

The placement of the weight pegs. Put a few 45s or bumpers on there, and you now lose complete access to the lower TWO adjustment points for the arms and any kind of weight loading. So you either need to buy their pieces that pin the unit to the floor with concrete anchors, deal with not having use of the bottom two settings, or simply deal with a really wobbly unit.

The first time I did this I just sat there confused. I rigged some band pegs up really easily with a few dollars and a trip to Home Depot. For the Leg Curl attachment, I actually drilled an extra hole where the pin was regularly pressing against the metal. For the bench, I found a bolt that fit pretty perfectly to go through the bench and Levergym attachment.

This keeps the bench locked down WAY better than before. But, if you want to do decline, an Airex pad fits perfectly between the tower and the bench and provides enough cushion to not trash your head. To store the arms upright I now double wrap a band around them to keep them up. For the lat hooks, I just cut them off.

I have a multi-tool from Harbor Freight that I cut them off with and found some little plastic end pieces for a drawer and gorilla glued them on. It looks relatively clean enough, and no more issues of it being in the way. There are also some handles on the bench that kept getting in the way, so I took those off.

Best part there is that those handles are what kept the lower portion of the seat attached to the metal frame! So I took some screws and handled that the joys of DIY! The final issue, the weight storage, I simply removed.

I broke down and bought their floor anchoring pieces 3 of them , rented a hammer drill, and anchored my Levergym to the concrete. I then was able to remove the weight storage pegs and store the plates to the side on a toaster rack. The unit moves MUCH less in this fashion, I have full access to every adjustment position possible, and my weight plates are now actually useable when used to weight down the unit, you kind of have to keep them there at all times.

It took a while and a few different brains for inspiration, but we got there. If you have the space and the funds, get a damn dedicated belt squat. Essentially, you need some cable to run from the top pulley down towards your feet and back up to your waist.

You need a GOOD pulley to wrap that cable around, and then something to keep that pulley and cable in place. You do NOT want several hundred pounds of weight pulling that pulley out of place and thwapping you in the face. Then, you likely need some sort of box to elevate your stance so you can get a full ROM. Last piece of the puzzle is a belt squat belt, I highly recommend Spud Incs model.

Depending on your set-up, you might find that an extra chain to help your set-up and dismount is crucial. Otherwise, you need to look at what materials, tools, and abilities you have. Body Solid makes a unit that is almost exactly the same. It looks like their bench design is a little different, they have band pegs, and it comes in a glossy red. If you have the opportunity to try out both, go for it.

My guess is that they likely come from almost the same factory overseas, so the differences in performance are likely minimal. As always, I highly recommend checking your local used market. These are just affordable enough that they get bought by people trying to get into exercising, who then give up and sell the units at a fraction of the price. But regardless, the price of the unit for what you get is crazy reasonable, even at a brand new price.

When my daughter starts lifting, this will be an easy way to get her into weights as we transition into free weights. I bring up his review because he has a slightly different feeling about the unit than me, and with a potential big purchase like this I want you to be well informed.

That extra 4 inches could potentially create some issues using the pulldown and getting full ROM, as well as other potential problems with using the unit for squats, etc. John mentioned poor dealings with Powertec through customer service. I actually had the opposite experience. Yes, their email system and service is non-existent, but over the phone was great. Ok, so I spent a decent amount of time hating on a few things. This thing kicks ass and every single day I get happier and happier with having it in my gym.

When I have friends over or I tell people about it, they are shocked at how versatile, compact, and just plain badass it is. Powertec makes a larger model that offers a few pros, and a few cons. First, it has multiple stations so you can easily do supersets, a circuit, or have multiple lifters doing different things at once. Last, you get a few of the attachments built in.

On the flip side, the thing is HUGE. From a functionality stance, I believe it actually has slightly fewer options in terms of exercise selection than the Levergym does it has a pulldown instead of cable set up for instance.

Plus the cost, brand new at least, is considerably higher. If you want the leg curl and other attachments, try and find a bench from another retailer Ironmaster for instance that offers a lot of the same. If you already have a badass FI bench, perfect!

Taking some of the feedback I have above and potentially shifting a few things around here and there, and you could likely make it even more compact, more functional, and all around more badass. Nothing makes the unit garbage or unusable. The biggest one, the weight storage pegs, is easily fixed with concrete anchors, attaching to a platform of sorts, or using some large plates to just keep it in place. Everything I did in the DIY category, would be fairly easy for most people with modest tools and abilities to accomplish.

One additional note, if you are simply looking to dabble in machine use occasionally, this is likely not your cup of tea. If you have a Powertec Levergym, let me know in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram. I love seeing what others are doing with the unit. A few people I know that are using theirs and loving it:. Hey Chili, from Front to Back it is about 50 inches.

Same measurements for height and width as in the article. One note on the 50, you still need plate clearance from a wall, so factor in that. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search for: Search. Mammoth Strength Challenge V Weekend! Posted on: July 4, Posted by: Admin Comments: 3. Background I spent years of my commercial life teeter tottering between Bodybuilder and Powerlifter. For basic discussion, here are the dimensions of the unit: H The Good After adding some weights on the pegs a few 45s on each side will do this unit is solid for all but the heaviest of squat sessions.

The Bad The adjustments for the bench and the adjustments for the arms seem to be just slightly off. Modifications Ok, so my notes above about the bad stuff, I have mostly remedied not all. I simply took a paint pen and numbered the holes on the arm adjustments. Simple and effective.

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You can also use it effectively for bent over rows and shrugs. The lever is adjusted to different heights by repositioning a pin. The pressing arm has another pin that locks both of the pressing arms together but you can remove the pin and operate each arm independently if you wish. There is also a padded crossbar that slots into the holes on the ends of the pressing handles.

This is to allow you to hold the pressing lever across your shoulders so you can do squats or calf raises. The squat movement itself feels natural enough but one difficulty here is that you're starting the movement from the 'down' position. This doesn't seem to matter with pressing movements but it's much more noticeable with squats.

It can be awkward to get into position and lift yourself upright under weight. In practice you have to perch on the bench and lift off from there. I'd argue this makes it impossible to do truly heavy squats on the LeverGym. I've tended to go much lighter and just to more reps, which is not always ideal.

The rear lever is operated by the lat pulldown and cable row system. You just load plates on the rear lever at the bottom and you're good to go. The pulley system is top notch — it's really smooth and as good as any pulley system I've used, better than most. The LeverGym only comes with three attachments for the pulley system: an angled lat pulldown bar, a small, straight bar that can be used for cable rows or triceps pressdowns and a D-ring. Chances are you'll want to improve on this, maybe with a double-stirrup 'V' bar or some ropes for triceps work.

You may also want some lengths of chain to extend the reach of the pulley system and give you some room to manoeuvre. There are two plate storage prongs on the LeverGym, which are fine as long as you don't store large plates on them and want to use the LeverGym with the pin at its lowest setting. In that particular configuration the stored plates can interfere with the plates on the front lever.

If you get yourself a calf block you can do calf raises on this machine by using the squat bar with the front lever held across your shoulders. The bench can of course be detached from the machine and used for other things, such as dumbbell work, in a power rack or whatever. So, for example, a kg bench press on the LeverGym translates to a 90 kg bench press with free weights. This is of course just a very rough estimate. The Powertec Workbench LeverGym is a worthy machine.

A power cage would be better of course but if your space is limited and you want a versatile, multipurpose machine, then the Powertec Workbench LeverGym might fit the bill. I'd argue that you can't really squat heavily on this machine and that ranks as its major bad point.

In most other areas it's pretty good. However, there is an important point to make. Trust me, you will. So, if this is going to be your only bit of workout kit, I see this as something that would suit someone who simply wants to keep fit rather than a dedicated weight-trainer.

Who is the Powertec Workbench LeverGym suitable for? Anyone who wants to keep fit and build muscle but doesn't have much room for gym equipment. If it's your only kit, it probably wouldn't suit a dedicated bodybuilder, powerlifter or weightlifter as they would miss free weight exercises.

The footprint is I'd suggest inches by 75 inches 9ft 2 x 6ft 3 at a minimum. It's very good for presses bench, shoulder etc. Not so good for squats and deadlifts. You will need some free weight plates. The LeverGym does not have stacks like some machines, it uses free weight plates. How much room does the Powertec Workbench LeverGym need? Is the Powertec Workbench LeverGym smooth to use? To see how hard you're working, and to track your progress when exercising, consider using one of the best fitness trackers.

Among the many home gyms we've reviewed over the years, this one has both the largest base footprint and enables you to lift the most weight. Rather than having a weight stack, power rods or nitrogen-charged cylinders, resistance is provided by weight plates manually loaded onto the Isolateral Lever Arms for a more natural feel. The weight limit is lbs on its press and squat lever arms, lbs on its lat lever, and lbs for crunches. Only an upgraded Bowflex Xtreme 2SE comes close to these resistance levels.

The Bowflex uses power rods instead of weight plates, and its standard resistance is lbs, upgradeable to lbs or lbs. The Powertec home gym is one of three multi-seat systems we reviewed and is capable of enabling three people to use it at once.

As mentioned above, there are dedicated stations for chest, core and leg training. In comparison, the Yukon Wolverine enables four people at once to exercise. Because it has a variety of stations, you can either focus on one area per workout, or rotate around the machine for a full body workout.

The workbench features an adjustable seating area and back rest pads, so you can find the right fit for you. Best bike computers Standout computers for cycling from Wahoo, Garmin and Lezyne. Best online fitness programs the virtual fitness classes you need to know about.

Best exercise bikes Top stationary bikes for cycling workouts at home. Best elliptical machines Top cross trainers for home workouts. Best swim spas Best smartwatches of Best Fitness Tracker. Apple Watch Series 7 review. Turonic G5 Massage Gun review. Finally, the bench and ab station includes a front tube adaptor that's compatible with various Powertec Workbench Accessories.

So you can keep adding to it over time. Powertec has designed the Workbench Multi-System for use in homes and in light commercial settings. The Powertec Workbench Multi-System is very expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of the weights which you need to buy in order to use the whole body system properly. This will immediately make it too expensive for some, but for those serious about weight lifting at home, it's a brilliant system to use and it comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame and a two-year warranty on parts.

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The POWERTEC LEVERGYM REVIEW! - The Carter Home Gym - In-Depth Look at this popular Home Gym Staple!

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