Epic reporting workbench

epic reporting workbench

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These phrases may be as short as a single sentence eg:. SmartText allows data already populated elsewhere in Epic to be pulled into your note automatically. SmartPhrases that are used to create specific types of notes eg: generic evaluation note, chief complaint-specific evaluation note, assumption of care note can also be used to create Speed Buttons that allow you to create a new note that pre-populates with a specific SmartPhrase.

For certain scenarios, users might find that selecting something from a list to be the best way to enter information into a chart. For example, within a critical care attestation statement, it may be helpful to be able to reference a list of conditions that frequently qualify for critical care list of conditions borrowed from aliem.

In addition to being able to populate the content of your note using free-text, SmartPhrases, SmartText, SmartLists, and voice transcription, Epic also includes a NoteWriter tool that allows point-and-click documentation. Macros allow you to automatically select certain buttons within the NoteWriter template and different macros can be created for certain combinations of age, gender, chief complaint, etc. If you manually select options prior to applying the macro, the macro will not overwrite your manual selections.

To use NoteWriter, your note must contain special orange-highlighted SmartTexts that create buttons at the top of your note that allow you to jump to the NoteWriter activity of interest. You can save a new macro by selecting the pencil icon within any NoteWriter activity, and you can apply a macro using the green play-buttons that will appear next to the pencil icon. The trackboard is an essential way to know which patients are in your ED, where they are located, who is caring for them, their current condition, and where they are at in the course of their work-up.

A trackboard with too many columns is information overload and may limit your ability to focus on what is essential, especially if column widths are so narrow as to not allow you to easily read their contents. You can toggle between the two trackboard views using an arrow button that will either be in the middle of the screen while in the side-by-side view or at the right-edge of the screen while in full-width view.

In the past, all users of a certain type physicians, residents, nurses, techs had the same fixed trackboard views, however since the February release of Epic, many organizations now let physicians customize which columns show up on each view of their trackboard. This can be done by clicking the wrench icon at the right-hand side of the ED trackboard screen.

In the first tab, you can select which columns you want displayed on the full or side-by-side SxS trackboards for a given view. In the second tab, you can arrange the order or hide certain trackboard views from automatically displaying. Your organization may require certain columns to always be displayed these will appear with a lock icon and you are only able to add columns that your organization has decided to make available to you.

While Epic can be configured to link to external health information exchanges, you can easily view patient information from other Epic organizations using CareEverywhere. If the demographic information closely matches between organizations, a match will be automatically suggested meaning that you are not likely to find matches before patients are registered or patients who are undomiciled, do not have social security numbers, or have recently changed mailing addresses or phone numbers.

As previously mentioned, if the demographic information registered differs between the two organizations, an automatic match will not be made. Watch the Epic weLearning Video to see this process in action. Some organizations may have created order panels available for all physicians to use to help expedite placing certain bundles of orders.

If your organization has not created these, or you would like to create personalized versions for yourself. Enter a list of orders that you might frequently place together. Many organizations have created orders that automatically select common doses, frequencies, and durations of treatment for medications. If your organization has not created these, you can create your own customized orders.

Within the library, you may see several "types" of reports organized into sub-headers. Some search orders, some search ED events, etc. There are known as "report templates. If you would like to create a new report from scratch using a given report template, hover over the dark-blue sub-header and click "New report". The first tab of report settings defines criteria for the search time period, inclusion, exclusion, etc. The second tab of report settings determines which columns show up on the report.

For more information, see the SimplyHired Privacy Policy. The analyst is part of a multi-disciplinary group of analysts and programmers who support UCSF and will configure, build, produce and maintain regulatory Epic…. Works with key Navicent contacts to identify subject matter experts to attend….

The CBA will work with the Epic application reporting leads to understand workflow and content changes that may affect Epic reporting tools. Design, build, implement, optimize and test software for patient friendly access Epic Modules — Cadence, Prelude, Referrals, Reports and Radar Dashboards. Participates in the design, development, implementation, modification and evaluation of health care information systems.

Coordinate, guide and assist ARL team members in building out executive dashboards and reporting workbench real-time content. Job Types: Full-time, Contract. Work Location and Travel Requirements. Collaborates with application analysts to analyze operational work flows and application build to understand data capture and movement. Many roles involve leading, managing and mentoring technical experts and maintaining client and vendor relationships during the implementation and operation of….

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