Folding wall mounted workbench plans

folding wall mounted workbench plans

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We found a range, including some that you can take with you and some that you can collapse to maximize the space in a limited workshop space. They come in two basic designs. One is a portable workbench that you can break down, fold up and take with you to the job.

Check Instructions Here There are two basic types of folding workbenches you can build. One saves you space in a tight workshop. The other is a folding workbench that you can move around your house or property or even properties. We especially like this model because the M shape of the legs gives it maximum stability while also making it easy to move around. Though light, the design maximizes the weight of the projects it can handle. The instructions are simple enough to follow.

The materials will also not cost you an arm and a leg. Check Instructions Here One of the best uses for a folding workbench is to take it with you to where you need to do work. Hauling around a traditional workbench in the back of a truck can be heavy and unwieldy. This one is in pieces that you can collapse into a size that is perfect to move around a large yard, from project to project.

The plans at Remodelaholic are pretty complete and simple to follow. They will give you a sturdy, portable workbench capable of handling all by the heaviest in DIY jobs. Check Instructions Here The other kind of folding workbench is one that allows you to maximize the amount of space you have in a tight workshop. This one is the sturdiest design we found for those. This one still does, but the sacrifice is much smaller. The instructions come with a complete set of hardware and materials needed to build it.

The wood is a bit thicker and stockier than some of the other collapsible workbenches we found. Check Instructions Here Sometimes you need a second workbench to supplement your working space. This folding workbench is perfect for that.

The instructions are pretty straightforward and easy enough, if you have sufficient skills, to freelance to fit it to your space. Just make sure that your floor and wall space are both even. Check Instructions Here This fold-down workbench is a perfect way to economize space in your workshop. The instructions and equipment needed for this are pretty rudimentary. If you have the skills to nail things together, you have the skills to build this workbench.

Of course, if you have more refined skills, you can also freelance the designs a little and get just what you need out of it while still saving a lot of space. Check Instructions Here This is a really simple design for a folding workbench. According to the instructions , this bench protrudes from the wall only six inches.

The cores that I used for my legs come with some HDPE plastic plugs that go into the end, so I screwed three of these into the bottom face of the worktop at the ends and middle for a secure leg location. I sized each leg so that the bench sits level, and trimmed them to the proper height. Next, I aligned the remaining 2x4's in a frame around the top and sides. Screw a few more 2x2 angles into the pegboard at the support slats to hold the frame in place.

It's important to make sure the bench doesn't contact the sides when it folds up. You might have to angle or sand the edges a bit to allow for the rotation. I just cut them short and dealt with the gaps, but you can measure out the precise length needed and trim accordingly. I also noticed that the sides didn't want to stay plumb, so I glued a couple 1x3 spacer pieces behind them to rest against the wall.

Don't glue them to the wall! Next, I screwed a couple of hooks with some chain at the center to lock the bench in the upright position. Lastly, paint the pegboard with chalkboard paint and mark the location of each tool so that you know where each one goes. The chalkboard paint isn't necessary; you can just mark the location of your tools using a marker on the white pegboard. We just like chalkboard paint and had plenty left over from other recent projects.

I did something similar a few years ago. Anyone else who makes this, might want to think about using self-closing hinges which are spring loaded. My old bench was pretty heavy and they made it much easier to lift up to lock in place.

Also, my legs were hinged off the wall so they swung out and the bench sat on them. Reply 6 years ago. Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Sorry, but no instructions. The top is framed from 2x6's with 2x6's laid flat around the inside top then a sheet of plywood applied on top of that.

The legs are just 2x4's with some metal feet that can slide across the floor. Everything is held together with pocket screws. This looks awesome! One question I'm planning a garage overhaul this spring and this idea looks like a great way to save some space! Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Got me thinking how deep a workbench should be and optimum height. Great instructable, just the inspiration I was looking for and good to see the pics and ideas others have posted, really handy thanks all!

I built one of these in my garage years ago using a discarded door complete with hinges, knob and latch assy. Skin it with masonite, attach leg system of choice. Close it up, well, kind of like closing a "door". Nice touch! Function and ingenuity out of free stuff adds that extra level of satisfaction! Can you post a picture of what you did if you don't mind I'd like to copy? When I move home to Alaska, we plan on a small camping cabin business.

With a minor changes in dimensions, that could be the perfect table with the cabinet behind for condiments, a few place settings of dishes. That would be totally out of the way when not in use. Thank you for the project. I only have basic woodworking skills this looks like it would be a reasonably simple to do.

Tommy, I imagined the folding legs too. The legs could be held in folded with weak magnets when bench is stowed, then when the bench is opened, gravity overtakes the magnetic hold and the legs drop down on their own. I never considered this! And "weak" isn't a real consideration, too weak is a liability.

Fantastic idea, tho! By "weak" I meant In case I wasn't clear enough, the legs are hinged to the bottom of the table. Another way to do this, sans the magnets, is to install a trigger and latching mechanism that releases the legs when you are ready e. Once the legs are deployed, one has to consider a design to not allow the table leg to slip when you accidentally hit it with your knee or foot, like rubber tips for the table legs. I like everything except how you attached the bench to the back 2x4 with L-brackets.

This is a very weak connection method. I would have used long screws through the bottom of the bench up into the 2x4, maybe every 16" or so. And then you wouldn't have the brackets in the way on top. I didn't make it clear enough in the how-to, but yes I used 3" nails from the trim-side of the workbench into the 2x4 as the primary connection. The angle brackets are for a little added stability. Introduction: Wall-Mounted Folding Workbench. There you have it! There are a few additional options for finishes that might be a good idea: If you decide to use particle board like I did, you can cover it up with some cheap vinyl flooring.

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Install the barrel bolt catch on a small piece of wood. This should prevent the wood from ripping. Do some pre-drilled holes on the side before attaching them to the sidewall with a few screws. Then, take a barrel bolt and line it up with the hole. You can also make this even tighter by making it off by just a hair. This should help you force the bolt without worrying about any gaps.

Apply some wood glue to the outline of the 2x4s and finally, set the bottom in place. After lining it up as straight as you can, clamp it down and add some screws. Remove any sharp edges by using a router and a round-over bit. You should now have a completed desk that only needs to be attached to the wall to turn it into a folding workbench. Use fold-down shelf brackets that are ready for at least pounds per pair.

In fact, these are more likely to fall off the wall than the brackets themselves breaking. You can also add a framing strip as a backing so as not to break the drywall while you mount to it. Adding some form of support like a piece of wood behind the bracket gives you an even stronger installation. With the brackets installed, you can now install the top and secure them in place using a few screws from underneath.

This should help secure the top firmly in place. With everything completed, you can add your favorite coat of finish to your DIY folding workbench depending on what best fits the aesthetic of your garage. While the DIY folding workbench we made above is attached to the wall, you can also check out this mobile version of it made by Pneumatic Addict:. This DIY folding workbench is a great addition for storing those tools and other materials , while still saving space. Plus, it makes for a great fit not just in your garage, but even in your kitchen or office space!

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Fit the support to the back of the table, making sure you align the edges, as shown in the plans. Make sure you also add glue to the joints. Make sure the legs fold easily before continuing the project. Use a spirit level to make sure the support is horizontal.

Use hinges to lock the table to the support. Use a latch to lock the workbench to the top support. In this manner, you can save space in your workshop. Fill the holes with wood putty and let them dry out for a few hours. Smooth the surface with grit sandpaper and remove the residues with a damp cloth. Top Tip: Apply a few coats of paint or stain to the components, to enhance the look of the project.

This woodworking project was about fold down workbench plans free. If you want to see more outdoor plans, check out the rest of our step by step projects and follow the instructions to obtain a professional result. Click here to cancel reply. DIY Folding Workbench. Building a fold down workbench. Workbench plans Miter saw stand plans. Building the tabletop. Building the legs. Assembling the legs. Assembling the legs supports. Drilling the pilot holes.

Fitting the legs supports. Fitting the legs. Fitting the wall to the wall support. Fitting the top support.

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DIY Fold Down Workbench

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